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Cognitive Testing in the TBI Model Systems

PI(s): Lead – Kristen Dams-O’Connor, PhD (New York Traumatic Brain Injury Model System, New York, NY); Site – Gale Whiteneck, PhD

Funded by: National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

Dates: 2013 - 2017

Contact(s): Gale Whiteneck

This module will address two goals: 1) provide data needed to make informed decisions about the appropriateness of each subtest of the Brief Test of Adult Cognition by Telephone (BTACT) for potential adoption in the TBIMS NDB, and 2) examine the relationship between health and cognitive functioning in TBIMS participants and compare this to a matched non-TBI sample. All subscales of the BTACT, supplemental health questions, and a self-rated health item will be administered to 300 inpatients in association with Form I (either during or shortly following their inpatient stay) over a 3 year period, and to 300 follow-up cases in association with their year 1 Form II, over the same 3 year period. The data collection will be planned so that 180 subjects will be assessed in association with both Form I and Form II, to provide an assessment of change during the first year post injury. Multiple analyses are planned to address the two goals; some analyses will compare Form I BTACT with current Form I neuropsych testing; psychometric properties of the various BTACT subscales (and their sensitivity to demographic and injury characteristics, and their sensitivity to change over time) will be reported; and differences between the BTACT scores of this TBI sample will be compared with a matched sample from the original MIDUS-II general population.