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Treatment of Social Competence in Military Veterans, Service Members, and Civilians with Traumatic Brain Injury

PI: Cindy Harrison-Felix, PhD
Funded by: Department of Defense
Grant Number: W81XWH-11-1-0635; PT100068
Dates: 2011-2016
Contact: Clare Morey 303 789 8621

Impairments in social competence are among the most prevalent sequelae after traumatic brain injury (TBI). Without successful social skills a person is often isolated, in conflict with others, and denied access to social and vocational opportunities. The aim of this study is to determine the effectiveness of a manualized group treatment program to improve and maintain social competence for individuals with TBI with identified social skill deficits. 

This is a multi-site study with six centers across the country enrolling a total of 192 participants who will be randomized to one of two treatment programs that target improving social competence. Both treatments will run for 13 weeks.