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Statins and Outcomes after TBI: An Observational Study

PI(s): Lead – John Whyte, MD (Spaulding-Harvard Traumatic Brain Injury Model System, Boston, MA); Site – Gale Whiteneck, PhD

Funded by: National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

Dates: 2013 - 2017

Contact(s): Gale Whiteneck

This module will examine the impact of statin use at the time of injury and during acute care and rehabilitation treatment, on functional outcome. The module aims are: 1) to determine whether taking a statin drug at the time of TBI, influences short-term functional outcome, as measured by admission FIM and discharge FIM; 2) to determine whether there is a relationship between compliance with pre-injury statin use and the magnitude of the effect on outcome; and 3) to determine whether there is a relationship between statin use during acute rehabilitation and discharge function. All Model System participants age 50 and over will be recruited for the module. After obtaining consent, individual identifiers of each participant will be submitted to a national pharmacy search to ascertain pre-injury statin use, which will be verified with the patient or family, and statin use during acute and rehabilitation hospitalization will be monitored. Procedures will follow those established in the last Model System cycle when this module was first implemented. Planned analysis of these observational data will address the primary and exploratory module aims.