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Disability Research Instruments

Societal Participation – For individuals with disabilities societal participation is a concept that goes beyond mere self care and physical functioning to include individuals’ roles as active, productive members of society, who are well integrated into their families and communities. To measure this concept, Craig researchers have developed an instrument called the Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique. It is commonly known as “CHART”.

Environmental Factors– barriers and facilitators external to the individual – which interfere with or facilitate full participation in society for people with disabilities. The disability itself may affect individuals’ abilities to make friends, find jobs, earn a living, etc. However things that are not at all a part of the individual can also have an effect too – things like accessibility, attitudes of others, rules, policies, etc. To measure the presence and impact of these environmental barriers, Craig Hospital researchers have developed the CHIEF – Craig Hospital Inventory of Environmental Factors.