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Educational Brochures

Maintaining your health, and living long-term with a spinal cord injury:

Aching Shoulders?
Alcohol Abuse
Am I Ready for a Van?
Art of Breathing
Bladder Cancer
Bowel Problems
Breast Cancer
Cutting the FAT
H2O: Hydration
Heart Disease
Incomplete SCIs: The Early Days
Incomplete SCIs: Down the Road
Optimal Health
Quality of Life: What's Important ?
Skin: It's Too Much Pressure!
Smoking & Lungs, Skin,  Bladder
Switching to a Power Wheelchair
Understanding and Managing Stress
Upper-Extremity Pain
Weight Gain: Battle of the Bulge
You Are How You Feel

Being an informed consumer:
Changing or Choosing Your Doctor
Interacting With Your Doctor
The Medicare Maze
You and Your Doc: Rights and Responsibilities
Understanding Research I: Finding the Information You Need
Understanding Research II: Medical & Research Articles
Understanding Research III: Those Scary Statistics

Care receiving and care giving:
Accepting New Help
Long-Term Caregivers
Personal Care Assistants: How to Find, Hire, & Keep Them
Personal Care Assistance: How Much Help Should I Hire?

Being safe:
Home Alone: Safety in the Home
Make an Emergency Fire Plan

These materials were developed under National Institute on Disability & Rehabilitation Research grants H133B30040 and H133G980011, which were awarded to Craig Hospital. The opinions expressed in these materials are those of the grantee, and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Institute on Disability & Rehabilitation Research and the US Department of Education.