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Diaphragmatic Pacing

Craig's Respiratory Care Department is currently working on the development of a diaphragm pacing program. The pacing program will offer ventilator dependant patients the potential opportunity to become ventilator free for certain periods throughout the day. Placement of a diaphragmatic pacer is done as a minimally invasive procedure. The pacer uses gentle electrical stimulation of the diaphragm causing it to contract, creating a more natural form of breathing.

Desired results are less time on a ventilator, increased independence and reduced risk of respiratory complications.A non-invasive radiology study determines if the patient's diaphragm will function with electrical stimulation. Postoperative time is short and the device functions immediately upon placement. This unique technology is engineered by Synapse Biomedical Inc. of Oberlin, Ohio.

If you have questions please contact Darlene Dumont, Manager of Respiratory Care at