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Employment - O*Net: An on-line employment resource for people with TBI

Interested in finding out what it takes to get a job in a particular field? Want to learn about jobs that might be a good match for you? There's a new website that just might help.

It's called O*NET, and it was developed by the US Department of Labor, Employment, and Training Administration. Others are saying that some day O*NET will be our nation's primary source of information about occupations. O*NET will let you choose particular jobs or fields you'd like more information about. You can learn what workers in that job are like and what the skills and requirements are. You can also find out about other occupations that are similar, and can compare one to another. Best of all, you can use the O*NET website to plug in particular skills that you have, and search for jobs or occupations that would be a good "match" for you.

Here's how you find O*NET: With your computer's Internet browser, go to Once you're there, the instructions are very clear and there are many different ways to get to the same information. A good place to start is by clicking on "Skills Search." The program will then walk you through the process. It will show you a list where you can check off the skills that you have. Then it will show you information about jobs that match your skills. However, once you've gotten your first "matches," you can get even more information by picking a job that you're interested in and then clicking on "Related Occupations." You'll have to experiment and find a happy medium - if you check too many skills, the occupation list you get will be too short and too specific; if you check too few, the list will be so broad that you won't find it very helpful. Give it a try!

O*NET has another feature you might like: it provides links to information about accommodations. These are changes that can be made to jobs and job sites to help people with disabilities do a job successfully. An accommodation could be a ramp into a building, an electric door, or specialized computer software or hardware. It may involve transportation, work hours, or where you work. Some of the agencies or websites that O*NET leads you to may be able to help you decide just what kind of accommodations you need, and how to go about getting them.