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Adaptive Technology

Craig Hospital’s Tech Team

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone seems to use technology to function in daily life and to stay connected. The same is true for those who have a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury.

The Tech Lab at Craig Hospital features a team of specially trained occupational and speech therapists who provide hands-on education and training to patients, their families and others in the community.

By knowing more about the latest software and technical devices on the market, patients are safer, require less attendant care, return to work or school sooner and enjoy a higher quality of life.

The goal is to equip our patients to communicate with family and friends, increase their independence to control their environment, and achieve their work/school goals.

The Tech Lab also has an extensive equipment loan bank for our inpatients to access their computers with individualized adaptive equipment. The loan bank includes computers on wheels, adaptive mouse devices, microphones and keyboards. They can also trial mounts, Bluetooth ear pieces and various ways of controlling their environment (such as their TV and lights). Patients have the opportunity to use this equipment, as well as accessibility options and voice recognition software, so they know what works best for them and how to use it by the time they leave Craig Hospital.

The occupational therapists and speech language pathologists continually strive to increase their knowledge by collaborating with local universities and engineers, attending conferences, and learning from our patients. Our team is privileged to partner with students from the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Denver to develop projects that can increase the quality of life for those with brain and spinal cord injury.

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* The Tech Lab offers these resources for educational purposes and does not endorse any products, including those mentioned on this site. Many others are available. Please check online for additional products, manufacturers and user reviews.