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Community Resources

Emergency Response Systems (Personal)

Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles

The State of Colorado allows you to name one or two emergency contacts linked to your driver’s license.  This helps the police to quickly identify your contacts in an emergency.  This information can only be accessed by law enforcement or public safety authorities in the event of the license holder’s injury or death as a result of an accident, criminal act or other emergency situation. 

Gold Eagle Systems

A lightweight, wireless and waterproof button worn as a necklace or wristband. It allows the wearer to summon emergency assistance from any room in their home at any time, day or night. 303-770-2227


easy-to-use and designed to reduce the risk of living alone. 1-800-LIFELINE.

Medical Guardian Watch-like button that connect to EMS. 
Personal Alert


Response Link

Be protected during a personal emergency by a service that provides 24 hour emergency medical help at the press of a button. 303-805-5979

Walgreens Ready Response Medical alert system.  800-555-ALERT 

Last Updated: August 1, 2013