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Community Resources

Equipment: Exercise Cuffs
Grasping Cuff with Wrist Support Specially designed for activities requiring racquets, cues, poles, bats or paddles. Those with limited hand function, yet good arm strength, can adjust Dycem-lined strap so object is firmly in the palm. Comfortable soft suede leather cuff fits right or left hand. With "D" ring and Velcro construction, cuff is easy to put on and adjust. Includes Pool Cue Cuff. Sold as single glove, not a pair.
3” Wrist and Ankle Cuffs This double overlay cuff allows the user to "hook onto" pulley weights and lat bars. At 18" long it can be used on wrist and some ankles. Machine washable - Sold in pairs.

Last Updated: August 1, 2013