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Community Resources

Equipment: Miscellaneous
Camera or “Butt-Cam” Helpful for those who need a visual to do the bowel program.  GE Wireless Hand-Held LCD Monitor with Color Camera. 

Covers and other miscellaneous items

Arm rest covers, transfer board covers, chain loops, dressing loops, pillow splints. All are made by Lois Maynard for Craig Hospital. She welcomes individual orders as well. Contact her at: Phone - (606) 836-8370, Fax – (606) 836-7765. There is no website for this resource.

Deluxe Wrist Drop Orthosis Lightweight, yet durable Kydex™ plastic can be heat molded for customization and positioning. Holds the hand in extension to support a weak or flaccid wrist. The Universal Cuff, sewn into the palmar strap of the brace, accommodates eating utensils and writing instruments, assisting with daily functions. The removable, washable, foam liner wicks away perspiration and moisture from the skin. Comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of time.
Dycem Pads Non-slip surface holds a variety of objects in place: mixing bowls, plates, glasses, office equipment, car cushions.
Flexible Inspection Mirror Flexible acrylic mirror stays in position when bent. Adjustable plastic cuff accommodates full palmar grip or finger grasp. 6" x 4" mirror is 22" long.
Universal cuffs A host of ways to make eating, writing and other activities easier. Choose from pockets and holders, sturdy clips, leather cuffs and wrist supports that position utensils to the desired angle. Adjusts to fit the individual and is designed to slip comfortably on and off for increased independence. Cuffs can be used with toothbrushes, razors, and thin combs.

Last Updated: August 1, 2013