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Community Resources

Housing: Home Ownership
Description Portal provides an independent point of reference to link people with a disability with real estate agents, businesses, travel agents, product distributors, employers, and associations to assist people in retaining their independence and individuality. 
Habitat for Humanity Habitat homes are not given away but are sold to families who qualify and are willing to make a down payment, put in hundreds of hours of sweat equity labor, and are willing to make a monthly mortgage payment.
HERO Alliance Homeownership Education and Resource Opportunities — is a nonprofit organization that provides education, resources, and assistance for people with disabilities seeking homeownership in Colorado.    HERO has been assisting low-income persons with disabilities by empowering them with the information and assistance needed to achieve homeownership.
US Department of Housing and Communities – HUD Learn about renting, buying and making your home accessible, and about your Fair Housing rights. 

Last Updated: August 1, 2013