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Community Resources

Abuse: Alcohol & Substance

Abuse: Domestic and Sexual

Advocacy and Patient Safety

ADA Rights

Assisted Living / Nursing Homes / Long Term Care

Bowel and Bladder Management Supplies

Caregiver Assistance

Citizenship Documentation


Concierge Services

Dating Resources / Relationships

Dental - Health


Drug Discount / Medication

Emergency Response Systems (Personal)



Equipment: Bags and Backpacks

Equipment: Bed and Mattresses

Equipment: Cup Holders and Drinking Aids

Equipment: Elbow Pads

Equipment: Environment Control

Equipment: Exercise Cuffs

Equipment: Lap Tray

Equipment: Leg Bag Straps

Equipment: Lifts Ramps and Doors

Equipment: Misc

Equipment: Quad Pads (click on Quad Pad documents on next page)

Equipment: Reachers

Equipment: Transfer Devices

Equipment: Wheelchair Gloves

Equipment: Wheelchairs and Seating

Equipment Vendor Expo 2009

Foundations / Grants / Scholarships

General Health Information

Grants / Scholarships / Foundations

Home Health Care


Housing: Accessible Communities

Housing: Emergency Shelters and Housing

Housing: Financial Assistance

Housing: Home Modifications / Universal Design

Housing: Home Ownership

Housing: Legal Resources

Housing: Search Engines

Housing: Support Programs and Services

Insurance and Benefits


Legal Assistance

Long Term Care / Assisted Living / Nursing Homes

Magazines and Publications



Medical Associations


Medication / Discount Drugs

Nursing Homes / Long Term Care / Assisted Living

Nutrition / Diet Pain


Patient Safety and Advocacy

Personal Attendants

Physical Therapy

Relationships / Dating Resources

Respite Care / Day Programs

Scholarships / Foundations / Grants

SCI Complications

SCI Information and Education

SCI Rehabilitation

SCI Research

Service Animals

Sexual Health after Spinal Cord Injury

Smoking Cessation

Social Security

Sports & Recreation: Bikes and Handcycles

Sports & Recreation: Boating & Sailing

Sports & Recreation: Camping, Hiking, Hunting & Fishing

Sports & Recreation: Flying Airplanes

Sports & Recreation: General

Sports & Recreation: Golf

Sports & Recreation: Motor Sports

Sports & Recreation: Skiing

Sports & Recreation: Surfing

Sports & Recreation: Swimming

Sports & Recreation: Theater & Acting & Art

Sports & Recreation: Colorado Directory of Sports and Recreation Opportunities for Military, Veterans, and Civilians with TBI (Jan 2011)

Sports & Recreation: Yoga

Support Groups



Traumatic Brain Injury



Virtual Reality and Second Life


Volunteer Opportunities