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Community Resources

Sports & Recreation: General
Aerobics Lisa Ericson's seated aerobics
Aetna on Exercise

Information on importance of exercise on health. 

Aetna on Heart Health

Information on heart health.

Access to Recreation

A site that offers everything you can think of when you think of getting out and having some fun in the sun. 

Adaptive Adventures

A nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with disabilities and their families through outdoor sports & recreation. 

Adaptive Sports Center

The Adaptive Sports Center (ASC) of Crested Butte, Colorado is a non-profit organization that provides year-round recreation activities for people with disabilities and their families. 

America On the Move

America On the Move Foundation (AOM) is a national non-profit organization.  Our mission is to improve health and quality of life by promoting healthful eating and active living among individuals, families, communities and society.  

American Heart Association

Information on exercise and heart health. 

Be Adaptive!

Be Adaptive Equipment LLC is committed to producing the highest quality adaptive equipment for all ranges of physical limitations. Our goal is to help physically challenged people get back into doing the activities they love. Our company designs and manufactures activity trays, shooting rests, hand controls & much more. If the equipment listed on this website does not meet your needs, please contact us. We are working on new models and have just what you need! A general site for adaptive equipment for sports and recreation lovers. 

Blaze Sports

Blaze Sports America provides sports training, competitions, summer camps and other sports and recreational opportunities for youth and adults who use wheelchairs, have a visual impairment, have an amputation, or who have a neurological disability such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida. Participant ages range, depending on the program, from 6 years through adulthood. 

Boulder County EXPAND Program

The Exciting Programs Adventures and New Dimensions(EXPAND) program helps people who have disabilities improve and gain new recreation and leisure skills that will enhance participants' overall well being and their quality of life. 

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center

(BOEC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to expand the potential of people with disabilities and special needs through meaningful, educational, and inspiring outdoor experiences. 

Cleveland FES Center

The center focuses on the application of electrical currents to either generate or suppress activity in the nervous system. This technique is known as functional electrical stimulation (FES). FES can produce and control the movement of otherwise paralyzed limbs for standing and hand grasp, activate visceral bodily functions such as bladder control or respiration, create perceptions such as skin sensibility, arrest undesired activity such as pain or spasm, and facilitate natural recovery and accelerate motor relearning.  Website provides resources to find out more about this therapy. 

Colorado Discover Ability

(CDA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote increased independence and self-worth through outdoor recreation for individuals with disabilities, as well as for their families and friends. 

Colorado Springs Therapeutic Recreation

The Therapeutic Recreation Program is part of the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department with the City of Colorado Springs. The mission of the Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Program is to provide opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities to acquire skills that enable them to participate in leisure experiences of their choice and enhance their abilities to function within a community setting. 

Colorado Wheelchair Sports Association

Welcome to Colorado Wheelchair Sports Association, a Project of the Colorado Non-Profit Development Center. Our goal is to provide a year-round sports program to our athletes and coaches, having access to the best equipment, training, and facilities. We encourage you to provide us with any feedback you may have.

Craig Hospital Paralympic Sports Program The Craig Hospital Paralympic Sports Program is a community-based sports club that involves youth and adults with physical disabilities in team sports and physical activity, regardless of skill level.  Programs and activities will be based in Englewood and run by Craig Hospital.
Denver Parks and Recreation Special Needs Programs

The Special Needs program provides opportunity, through community based therapeutic recreation programs for citizens with disabilities to develop physical, mental, emotional, social and leisure skills necessary to participate in a continuum of activities which will enhance their well-being. 

Disability Online

The Information Directory. A "one stop shop for every link you could ever want!

Disability Sports USA

We provide the opportunity for individuals with disabilities to gain confidence and dignity through participation in sports, recreation and related educational programs. 

FES Information Center

Provides a literature (brochures, information packets, and bibliographies) and referral service on FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) technology.  216-231-3257

Gene Rodgers

Argonaut and Film-maker provides pictures and videos of adaptive sports and travel around the world including climbing Mt. Everest, sky-diving, scuba-diving, and rock climbing.  Great website for inspiration and wanderlust. 

National Center on Physical Activity and Disability A national sports and recreation site for those who are disabled. Their “Webshop” has a variety of exercise videos and accessibility instruments available for purchase. 
Paradox Sports

Based in Boulder, Colorado. We provide inspiration, opportunities and specialized adaptive equipment so that the physically disabled can be active participants in human-powered outdoor sports. This mission, coupled with an individualized mentorship program and a strong volunteer ethic, ensures success by providing opportunities for everyone to give back to the community. 

Sports N’ Spokes Magazine

Sports and wheelchair users. 

U.S. Adaptive Recreation Center

The USARC works with schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and park and recreation departments to serve children and adults with all types of cognitive or physical disabilities. The USARC knows that, after learning new skills and redefining their abilities, participants are able to feel the freedom of recreating with their families and friends. 

USA Tech Guide Links to numerous programs around the United States provided by United Spinal Association. 
U.S. Paralympics Official website.
Wii Nintendo

“Wii-hab.”  Quad friendly games include: Facebreaker K.O. Party, Tiger Woods ’08, Shaun White Roadtrip Snowboarding, Winter Olympic Games, Carnival Games, Dance Dance Revolution (place the foot pad on your lap), Wii Sports Tennis, We Ski by Nameco, Wii Sports Baseball.

Read an article about Wii-hab

Wheelin' Sportsmen NWTF

Dedicated to providing people with disabilities, including disabled hunters, disabled anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts, the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. 

Wheelchair Sports USA

Carrying the Torch for American Wheelchair Athletes. Dedicated to the Guidance and Growth of Wheelchair Sports. 

Last Updated: August 2, 2013