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Community Resources

Virtual Reality & Second Life
GimpGirl Community GimpGirl's mission is to bring women with disabilities together in the spirit of support, positivity and inclusivity. The world of women with disabilities is a complex place, often with no easy answers. We encourage an attitude of self-advocacy and self-efficacy with all of our members and are radically inclusive of all women with disabilities.
Second Life Second Life is a 3-D simulated environment in which millions of real people are represented by an avatar and can interact and communicate with one another. 
Virtual Ability Virtual Ability, Inc. is a non-profit corporation based in Colorado, USA.  Our mission is to enable people with a wide range of disabilities by providing a supporting environment for them to enter and thrive in online virtual worlds like Second Life®. 
Virtual Guidedog Project The mission of the Virtual Guidedog project is to ensure that those who unable to use standard interfaces have equal access to the virtual worlds (for example, those who are visually impaired, totally blind, print impaired, or mobility impaired).

Last Updated: August 2, 2013