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Nurse Advice line

Nurse Advice Line

Monday through Friday
9am to 4pm (MST)
800-247-0257 or 303-789-8508.

A person might call the Spinal Cord Injury Nursing Advice Line when:

  1. A non-emergent medical question arises that does not warrant a trip to the doctor’s office, yet needs answered.
  2. Experiencing changes in care and wondering whether it is “normal?”
  3. A new caregiver arrives and needs education materials to help in the transition.

Staying healthy is work for anyone, yet for people living with a spinal cord injury (SCI), this task is much more complex. Physically, the body changes from pre and post injury, requiring the person and caretakers to relearn the signs and routines of health. Practically, SCI is not a common condition so many general health care providers need resources for educating themselves and delivering quality care.

Craig Hospital is nationally recognized as having one the best health care programs for people with SCI. As a result, the hospital fields health-related phone calls daily from people living with the injury both in Colorado and around the country. Calls also come from family members trying to help and health care providers who need expert advice from Craig’s specialized staff. To address these health-related calls, the outpatient clinic at Craig Hospital just launched the Spinal Cord Injury Nursing Advice Line.

This service provides a dedicated nurse to answer non-emergent calls Monday-Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.. Nurses at Craig Hospital have the experience to help identify potential complications before they become serious health issues. Two common health concerns are neurogenic bowel or bladder problems and skin issues, both of which can cause major health problems for people living with SCI if not caught early. In addition to answering health-related questions, callers can obtain educational resources unique for healthy living with this injury.

Resources for over 150 health issues have been compiled in a database from the experience of Craig Nursing staff to answer questions from callers.

Support of the Nurse Advice Line is provided in part by grants and individual donations.

The Craig Hospital Foundation is actively seeking continuing support for the program. If you would like to learn more about making a donation in support of the SCI Nursing Advice Line, please call.

To reach a nurse call: 800-247-0257 or 303-789-8508.