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Adventure-Alumni Programs

> Adventure Program Brochure (PDF)

Craig Hospital’s Adventure Program is loaded with unique opportunities for travel, sports and outdoor recreation. We offer a range of sessions to alumni and current patients that include introductory level classes such as SCUBA diving, hand cycling, fishing, hunting and horseback riding.

We also go on exotic trips to SCUBA dive in places like Belize, horse packing through the Rocky Mountains, local and national cycling tours and races and cruises to the Caribbean and Alaska. Here in beautiful Colorado we enjoy hot air ballooning, sailing and rafting, to name a few. The powerful impact of this program is bringing together newly injured individuals with alumni to enhance the experience of the Adventure Program

As a component of the Adventure Program, our wheelchair sports program starts with the invitation for our patients to meet the local wheelchair sports teams. The opportunity to join in on the practices and clinics (cycling, tennis, quad rugby and basketball) allows those who wish to pursue those activities to engage on a competitive level. Our program includes hosting local and national wheelchair basketball and quad rugby tournaments, paving the way for our very own successful paralympians to “Go for the Gold”! See Craig Paralympic Sports Club.

RugbyRiflePatient and Wife

“The Adventure Program provides an amazing opportunity for alumni to try activities that might be a challenge to do without the expertise that Craig Hospital provides.”
-John Vcelka, former Craig patient, Highlands Ranch, CO