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The PEAK Center at Craig Hospital


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Craig Hospital
Attn: Peak Center
3425 S. Clarkson St.
Englewood, CO 80113

The PEAK Center at Craig Hospital, located  in Englewood, Colorado, is an adaptive health and wellness center serving individuals from across the country with neurologic disabilities in order to optimize their recovery and to create a lifelong plan for their health and wellness. 

PEAK (Performance, Exercise, Attitude and Knowledge) is dedicated to empowering individuals with neurologic disabilities such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke and many more conditions to maximize their quality of life through knowledge and activity.

PEAK offers highly trained staff, a motivated environment and incorporates both research based practices and cutting edge technology in client’s customized plans. 

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Customized Services

PEAK offers a wide variety of services to meet each client’s unique physical needs, economic situations and commitment levels.

1.  Wellness Membership- Access to our fully adapted fitness center with knowledgeable staff to design and provide guidance for client specific fitness programs

2.  Activity based personal training- One on one personal training utilizing cutting edge technology by specialized staff.  Provides customized plan design, performance monitoring and creates both accountability and support.

3.  FES bikes- functional electrical stimulation cycling utilizing electrical current to stimulate weak or paralyzed muscles to initiate and maintain movement during cycling.

4. Aquatic therapy- individual pool therapy with trained specialists creating challenging and customized exercise programs tailored to each individual’s needs

5. Group exercise- PEAK continues growing its adaptive group exercise offerings including:

  • Adaptive yoga classes increasing client deep stretches and increasing individual’s confidence through out of chair exercises.
  • Group aquatic classes offers mall groups, of similar capabilities, working with trained aquatic therapists
  • Adaptive team sport practices working on strength, endurance and cardiovascular exercises
  • Upper extremity Krank Cycle classes – working on aerobic conditioning in a fun, energetic group environment
  • New classes coming soon such as adaptive Tai Chi

Cutting Edge Technology

The PEAK is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and technology supporting recovery in individuals with neurological disorders from early mobilization through late recovery to provide a greater degree of improvement and recovery of function.

Examples of leading edge technology available at the PEAK include:

  • Ekso- PEAK is the 1st US commercial site providing this exciting and innovative technology enabling standing and walking
  • LokomatPro V6- body weight treadmill systems with robotic assistance improving walking
  • Restorative Therapies 600- upright elliptical training
  • Restorative Therapies RT 300 series FES- functional electrical stimulation bikes for the upper and lower extremities
  • Bioness L300 and L300 Plus- lower extremity FES systems designed to improve over ground walking
  • Zero Gravity- helping clients walk faster and improve lower extremity function
  • WAVE Proelite- whole body vibration provides mechanical stimulus to increase the number of muscle fibers involved in the exercise, improves function and decreases muscle tone/spasticity
  • LiteGait- body weight supported treadmill systems

The PEAK is excited to be part of the community providing opportunities for individuals with neurologic disabilities.  This is a hopeful time in the field of neurologic rehabilitation where research shows the ability of exercise to benefit individuals in terms of recovery, health and fitness.

More Information

PEAK Center at Craig Hospital
Phone:  303-789-8325

The PEAK was launched through generous grants from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, Daniels Fund, Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation and Jackson Roddy Family.  It is sustained by individual memberships.