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Occupational Therapy - Speciality Clinics & Programs

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Adaptive TechnologyTech Lab

The Adaptive Technology Lab is staffed by specially trained occupational and speech therapists and provides hands-on education and treatment to Craig Hospital patients and families about the most current equipment, software and technical devices on the market. This adaptive technology equipment has value in improving safety, decreasing attendant care, helping return to work, and raising quality of life.

Driving and Adaptive Transportation Program

The driving and adaptive transportation program is run by designated occupational therapists who are specialists in field. The program includes driver evaluation and training, and education on vehicle modifications and adaptive equipment for passenger transportation when driving is not an option. Craig owns three vehicles with high and low tech adaptations for use in the program. Craig also works closely with community vendors in our transportation clinics. 

DrivingCommunity Reintegration

Community Reintegration Specialists serve Craig Hospital patients by addressing return to work or school issues. Vocational activities are initiated early in the treatment process. Community Reintegration educates on benefit programs and how they are impacted by return to work as well as reviewing alternatives. Work Stations are run for functional evaluations followed by goal-directed training. Referrals to Vocational Rehab and other community resources occur as needed. When patients are returning to school, Community Reintegration provides information on academic programs and assists patients with financial aid, testing accommodations, and referrals to Student Support Services.

Rehab Engineering

In-house Rehab Engineering benefits Craig Hospital patients with traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury. Collaboration with Rehab Engineering provides customized solutions to increase patient independence and quality of life. The possibilities are endless and unique depending on the patient's strengths and motivation for independence. Examples of solutions include laptop and cell phone mounting systems, adaptations for make-up use and recreational equipment.

VisionVision Clinic

The Vision Clinic is available to Craig Hospital patients with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury who have vision impairments related to their injuries. The vision clinic is staffed by an optometrist with expertise in rehabilitation, and by occupational therapists with special expertise and training in vision impairments related to traumatic brain injury. The Vision Clinic team formally evaluates eye health, visual acuity, eye coordination, and visual fields, and collaborates to recommend a course of treatment to improve functional vision.

Hand Clinic

Hand Clinic serves the needs of Craig Hospital patients who have a spinal cord and/or traumatic brain injury. This specialty clinic is held in collaboration with two consulting hand surgeons experienced in tendon transfers and arm/hand rehabilitation. Hand Clinic offers education and surgical recommendations to the spinal cord and traumatic brain injury population. Additionally, treatment recommendations are provided for any arm issues that prohibit full participation in a rehabilitation program.