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Why Choose Craig Hospital?

Because of our expertise and specialization, our large patient peer group, our treatment philosophies, our remarkable longevity of staff, our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, our cutting edge research, our family-friendly atmosphere, and the climate of Colorado, we believe that Craig offers the finest rehabilitation anywhere.

Since Craig became a specialty hospital in 1956, we've worked with nearly 30,000 patients with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury- more patients with SCI than any other single center in the world.  We treat approximately 400 inpatients and 1,600 outpatients each year. Craig also has one of the largest ventilator-dependent and weaning programs in the country, 8-10 usually at any given time.

People choose Craig Hospital because of our large group of patients with similar ages, backgrounds, and injuries who teach, support, and give each other hope. On any given day, Craig has 50-55 patients with SCI and 25-30 patients with TBI, making it one of the largest specialty programs anywhere. Families also find encouragement and learn from others. This interactive education - supplementing what patients and families learn from the treatment staff - is a valuable benefit. Graduates of Craig and their families consistently credit some of their success to what other patients and families have taught them. Friendships developed at Craig often last for life.

Our therapy staff averages more than 13 years of experience at Craig, and our attending medical staff 14 years. Craig's stability results in tremendous expertise and consistent, quality patient care. Our medical staff has pioneered rehabilitation and surgical techniques that have been adopted around the world.

People choose Craig Hospital because we believe family members are critical to a patient's rehabilitation. Craig has beautiful new housing on campus and provides the units free of charge to patients' families for 30 days during the initial inpatient rehabilitation program. Longer stays can be arranged when necessary at a low cost. The Friendship Center, on campus, is available for family gatherings, reunions, birthdays, and other special events. Additionally, we have designated staff and many services to include families in the rehabilitation process. Craig is a family-friendly place.

Craig's patient outcomes are remarkable. Approximately 91 percent of our patients return home after initial rehabilitation with high levels of functional independence. Fifty percent return to work or school within one year after rehab. Ninety-five percent of our patients and families rate their experience at Craig as very satisfied or satisfied. For a summary and detail of our patient successes, see our Outcomes section.

People choose Craig Hospital because our staff and programs are outstanding. It's difficult to decide to be away from home. But patients and families quickly realize after arrival at Craig that they made the right decision. The results that can be achieved at Craig outweigh the temporary distance from home. The fact that patients choose to come to Craig from all 50 states says a lot. We have patient and family references if you are interested in talking with Craig graduates from your local area.